Steel Staircases For Apartment Complexes In Austin Can Be Made From Scratch Or Built To Your Liking

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter if you are a small building owner – i.e. a 4 plex in Texas, a large 5 story, 200 + unit apartment complex, or even a small house with a staircase in need of repair. The facts remain the same: safety and structural integrity of your staircase is a top priority!

You already know the reasons why:

  • Safety
  • Liability
  • Safety
  • Safety
  • Safety
  • Looks and aesthetics
  • Safety…..

Yes, we harp on that word a lot because when it is all said and done, that truly is the most important thing. So how do you know that you have a safe staircase, whether it is a wood staircase or something made from steel?

First and foremost you need to look at its structural integrity.

Is it wobbly? You may have a possible liability issue. Are the ballusters more than 4 inches apart? You could have a code violation on your hands. Is the platform on the staircase not secure? You may need to have it reinforced.


Exterior Commercial Metal Staircase Austin TX

Exterior Commercial Metal Staircase


If your staircase is a tad wobbly, or the platform on the 1rst, 2nd or 3rd floor seems, well, not exactly up to snuff…do yourself a favor and call out a local welding company to secure it or some type of metal fabrication company to get it fixed for you. It won’t be super expensive and will be much cheaper than having your insurance company drop coverage and the mortgage company throwing a forced coverage policy on you! Trust us, we have heard all the stories!

Remember, this is a heck of a lot cheaper than the alternative –which involves a potential lawsuit.

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