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Metal Repair and Custom Welding

Metal Repair and Custom Welding

The steel and metal manufacturing industry in Austin is growing despite the national recession.

Steel beams, flanges, channels and other steel related products are used for both small and large residential and commercial steel erection projects. In Austin, Texas alone; hundreds of developments are popping up throughout town where there is a significant need for steel and other metal working and metal fabrication.

Whether a general contractor is needing an embed plate or anchor plate to assist with structural support for pipe racks, pipe supports or general concrete; or whether a residential home builder or apartment developer is needing a metal manufacturing company to assist with the building of steel staircases, metal handrails or metal drain grates; the auxiliary jobs and additional items needed by the construction industry will continue to have a positive effect on the Austin economy.

Projects such as the new apartments being developed on south Lamar will all have a need for metal staircases, handrails, fences, drainage grates, metal embed plates, and other steel based items. But in addition to this, many of the local architects as well as landscape architects have taken a liking to steel and metal retainer walls, steel planter baskets and other “non-essential” which are not necessarily needed, but add a level of beauty and sophistication to their projects.

Unlike typical wood planter baskets, steel planter baskets have a unique and pleasant look to them while at the same time allowing for a long and durable life. This same steel can also be used to match the steel stairs and steel retainer walls, helping to create a wonderful look in both urban and rural settings..