Handrails and Guardrails Post

Wrought-iron handrail

Wrought-iron handrail

Handrails, guardrails and other ADA required rails are an essential component for any builder or developer of homes, apartment complexes, industrial warehouses and all other types of real estate.

Often times it is difficult to know exactly how high your guardrail needs to be in order to meet code as
well as the numerous other code regulations for guardrails and handrails.

As a standard rule of thumb, the easiest way of remembering code regulations for your handrail and guardrail installation in Austin Texas are that any raised floor surface over 30 inches above the floor grade will require some type of guardrail 36 inches or higher.

Similarly, whether you are in Austin, TX or anywhere else in the country, the pickets or balusters on your guardrail shall be no more than 4 inches apart from one another.

Code inspectors in the City of Austin normally use a 4 inch diameter softball to check whether or not the rails meet regulations.

In addition, when installing handrails on your staircase, it is also extremely important to know that handrails are required on at least one side of each continuous run of treads with 4 or more risers.

Finally, when taking all of your handrail and guardrail designs into consideration, it should be noted that handrails should be a minimum of 1 and ½ inch in diameter and no more than 2 inches. If the handrail is not a circular handrail, the perimeter dimension should be at least 4” and no larger than 6 and ¼.

All of this can be quite confusing which is why local builders and developers in the Austin, Texas area have trusted Gonzales Ironworks for over 51 years to manufacture and install all of their guardrails, handrails and other types of security rails..