Hundreds of Fencing Options, So which one should you choose?

metal fencingInstalling a fence at your Austin based home or business is something that you won’t regret.

There are so many reasons to have a fence.  For example, fences can add a certain look and beauty to a property.  They also protect your property from thieves and vandalism, while at the same time creating a safe place for children and pets.  Below are some great fencing ideas.

Industrial fencing

Industrial fencing can be practical, but look good at the same time.  It adds a great sense of security and can be found around the industrial areas of Austin, namely north Austin and East Austin. Have you ever seen the IRS building on 71 and IH 35? That is a perfect example of industrial fencing. Different types of industrial fencing include chain link, mesh, and security. Many times, you will find industrial iron fencing with points at the top to keep out intruders. When fabricating and installing fences like this, keep in mind that you will also need a gate and security features and to make sure that your contractor factors that in to the initial estimate.

Residential fencing

 Residential fencing is used for homes and apartments all across the Austin area.  Different types of residential fencing include chain-link, wrought iron and wood.  Wrought iron fencing is undoubtedly the most durable.  You can also think about combining a wrought iron fence with a wood fence, as this will add a different type of style to your home.

Commercial fencing

Commercial fencing is found at pretty much every business across the Austin metro area.  This type of fence will keep your business safe.  Always keep in mind that for security reasons, commercial fencing should be at least six feet high – that is, if that’s the main reason for the fence.  If it’s needed to create privacy, then a high, wrought iron fence is the way to go.

Wrought iron fencing is practical and easy to take care of.  In fact, it is one of the most economical fencing options, and one of the most popular.  The durability of the iron makes it simple to maintain.  If there is a repair that needs to be made, they are normally simple and fast to fix.  They can be installed based on your budget, design and size needed, as well as any other special requests you might have.  There is an unlimited amount of ways in which you can make your property look better with beautiful fencing.  No matter how simple or elaborate your idea, it’s feasible!

Fence Repair

If you run an HOA management company or an apartment complex in the Austin TX or Central TX area, one thing that you may have experienced is a bend or break in the fence surrounding your pool or other area. Pool fencing is of extreme importance, and if you notice a break in your fence and there is a repair which is needed, you need to take care of this fence repair immediately due to the liability concerns.

General Summary

You want to make sure you hire the best and most skilled welder for your fence job. Austin based Gonzales Iron Works is an expert when it comes to any type of fence, as well as additional metal related products and services. We can do work for you a timely and affordable manner.  No job is too big or too small, and we love a challenge.  We can assist you with any type of metal fabrication job you might need.  If you are looking for a custom design, you’ve come to the right place.  We strive for excellent and quality work.  For a company you can trust, please contact us at (512) 835.1304 for a free consultation and estimate..