Air-Conditioner Unit Cages

During the “great recession” of 2008 and through today, the entire United States and even low crime cities like Austin TX have seen an uptick in crime. Millions of people have lost their jobs, and unfortunately some of them have turned to theft of metal, copper and other metal based items.

Because air conditioning systems have a tremendous amount of copper and valuable scrap metal in them, thieves have been stealing air conditioning units from residential properties, strip malls, industrial warehouses, medical offices and even churches. The high price of copper, namely the copper coil, is typically the reason why thieves are turning to air conditioning units for theft of metal.

Police are urging consumers and business owners throughout the country to install air-conditioning security cages around their air conditioning units as a measure to prevent the theft. Unfortunately, many businesses are not acting as quickly as they should.

The Boy Scouts of America in Fort Myers, Florida recently lost 3 entire air conditioning units due to theft and an additional 2 units which were completely gutted. The Scouts office had been evaluating Air Conditioning security cages for some while, but never moved forward with a purchase. The total damage was over $30,000, and will not be covered by insurance.

“We’ve seen drug dealers that will take an air conditioning coil instead of money for drugs,”  said Dillon Corr a detective with the Hillsborough Sherriff’s office.

One of the best ways to protect your air conditioning unit, is with an air conditioning security cage.

No air-conditioning security cage is 100% theft proof, however it will act as a serious deterrent to would-be thieves. The air conditioning security cage can be manufactured to your specifications in Austin, TX and shipped out anywhere in the country. Standard AC Cages come in 4X4, 4X8 and 4X12 sizes.

If you live in Austin Texas or any of the surrounding communities, Gonzales Iron can not only manufacture your air-conditioning security cage, they can install it as well.

Throughout the country residential homeowners as well as commercial property owners have not only realized that installing security cages on their air conditioning units is smart from a theft prevention standpoint, it can also save them money on their insurance premiums.

Jonatha Garcia, a facilities manager for a local community counseling center in Austin TX, says that six AC units have been stolen from their properties throughout the central Texas area over the past year and a half.

“Fortunately, we had the right kind of coverage and our Austin TX based insurance company took care of the replacement. Nonetheless, our deductible was still a few thousand dollars, so the investment in these AC security cages was well worth it. Going forward, I think that the security cages we put on the new units will prevent the thieves from attempting to steal the copper. They are looking to get in and get out quickly, and with a secure metal cage surrounding the AC unit, it is going to make it too difficult for them to access.”