Embed Plates, Custom Weld Plates, Base Plates

Custom embed and weld plates

Do You Need A Custom weld plate with a certain dimension? Or do you just need a standard 1/4 inch plate with 6 inch nelson studs?

Gonzales Iron Works in North Austin have been making base plates, embed plates, weld plate with all sorts of different size nelson studs for  over 53 Years.

Often times, the engineering firm or architect will draw out a specific design for the weld plates that are needed.

If you give us something like the above (with dimensions etc) we will fabricate it for you and your team. Whether you need a truss plate, decorative truss plate, anchor bolt for fastening to concrete, weld plate for welding or some type of structural steel project we can help you.

Call us at 512-835-1304 for a free estimate. Ask for Britt or Cody and we will make sure to handle and take care of your needs.

Check out some of the types of weld plates or embed plates that we can custom manufacture and ship to you (or deliver if you are in the central Texas or Austin area)

concrete base plate Austin TX—Concrete Base Plates

Embed plate for Spanish Oaks Subdivision in Austin TX

Embed Plate for Spanish    Oaks subdivision

The Above photo is an example of a customized weld plate made especially for a builder here in town. We make these all the time.


Sometimes the attachment plate can be very, very specific. That is fine. We have been working with engineering firms around town for ages, and can fabricate the embed plate or attachment concrete weld plate to your standards and specifications.

Cconcrete wled plates

truss plate, weld plate

embed plate with dimensions - Also known as weld plates for concrete attachment