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Steel Grate Cover Close-UpCustom-made Drain Grates Covers for Austin Texas and central Texas.

Is your home or commercial project basically finished but you need that one last item? Is that last item a drain grate, trench grate, L- Grate (Vane Style), bicycle drain grate, concrete gutter inlet grate or anything else to help keep debris out of the sewer lines?

If the answer is yes, and you need a  during Austin Texas or Central Texas storms.

CALL US NOW! 512-835-1304 We can help.

Often times, people or contractors go to  big box hardware store looking for drain grates and trench grates but cannot find ones that fit their specific sizes. Then they call us….Next time you need a drain grate just give us a ring and let us know the dimensions –  we will get them custom fabricated for you.


Austin TX Drain Grate

Custom Steel Grate for Farm


Sewer Drain that drain for a parking lot – – Parking lot drain grates — We can make them. Just give us a ring at 512-835-1304..