Drainage grates and Trench Grates - Austin, Texas

Steel Grate Cover Close-UpDrainage grates and trench grates are a construction item not often thought about, yet are items which cannot be overlooked.

Whether your business needs a residential pool, landscape or a simple patio drain grate or whether you are undertaking a large commercial construction project for an industrial warehouse, large apartment complex or any other type of commercial development; having a drain grate for water runoff is extremely important.

Why is it important?

Because without a proper drain grate, you could wind up with a wide variety of leaves, hair, dirt and other sediment in your pipes – which will wind up costing you additional plumbing fees later down the line.

Although the central Texas areas have been marked by a 7 year drought, we Texans know that terrible droughts are followed by torrential downpours. During those rains, it is very important that you have the necessary storm drains, trench drains and drain grates in order to make sure that the water at your house or development drains correctly and efficiently.

Gonzales Ironworks in Austin, Texas can manufacture and install standard drainage grates; we can also custom build these grates to your specifications. Whether you need a drain grate with simple half inch holes or whether you need a drain grate with channel bodies that are 1/8 of an inch in width; our custom metal manufacturing team has the experience, tools and systems to build what you need for all your trench drain and other drain grate needs.

In addition to standard storm drains and covers, Gonzales Iron also specializes in the manufacturing and installation of a number of other items which are fabricated using metal bar grating. Items such as treads, catwalks, platforms, grills, staircases, residential and industrial loading docks, grate guards and ventilation screens are all items which can be manufactured by our team using high quality metal grating.

That being said, we have all seen our driveways and other flat areas fill up with water after a heavy rainfall. The use of trench grates can help your home, commercial property or apartment complex from unnecessary plumbing repairs due to the accumulation of leaves and additional sediment. Additionally, drain grates, trench drain grates and catch basin grates can also rust over time, crack and break. If you are the owner of an apartment complex or a property management company, please note that breaks or cracks in your grates can be a potential liability.

Have a company such as Gonzales Ironworks come out to your property to take a measurement of your drain grate and to give you a bid. These drain grates can be manufactured and installed to your specifications and come in a wide variety of shapes and sized. Finally, when looking for a company that can assist you and your property with your drain grate needs, make sure to check references, including their time in business. Gonzales Ironworks has been helping clients like you for over 51 years and would be love to make you another satisfied client.