Grab Bars and Handrails on Standard Metal Staircases and Spiral Staircases

Wrought-Iron Staircase with custom railing

Why does Austin city code requires you to install handrails and grab bars on staircases and spiral stairs?

If you don’t have them – you may fall off!

Wrought-Iron Staircase with custom railing

All kidding aside, you need to make sure that your spiral staircase, apartment building stairs or residential home staircases not only […]

Driveway Drain Grates, Trench Drain Covers, Drain Grate Covers, Sidewalk Drain Grates

Steel Grate Cover Close-Up

Custom-made Drain Grates Covers for Austin Texas and central Texas.

Is your home or commercial project basically finished but you need that one last item? Is that last item a drain grate, trench grate, L- Grate (Vane Style), bicycle drain grate, concrete gutter inlet grate or anything else to help keep debris out of the […]

Metal and Wrought-Iron Railings from Gonzales Iron Works


How do you like your handrails? Plain and boring like prison gates, or with beauty and detail like heaven’s gates? If you answered the former, you’re probably a prison guard. But if you answered the latter, you’re probably a happy current or future Gonzales Iron Works customer. We like to add a touch of love […]

Spiraling out of control

Wrought-Iron Staircase with custom railing

So you’re moving into your new place and you need to spice it up a bit. Maybe you need to get between your top and bottom floor with class. Your new place isn’t just your “humble abode”, it’s Xanadu, it’s a classy joint; you want this to be the mansion you dreamed about when you […]

Handrails - ADA Compliant for City of Austin Code

Example of an interior handrail Gonzales Iron Works Recently Manufactured & Installed

Gonzales Iron Works have been manufacturing handrails and installing them in Austin and South Texas for over 50 years.

We can custom manufacture something for you or we can manufacture and install standard (basic) handrails similar to what you see at most houses around town.

In all cases, the handrails will be and are […]

Reasons for a Carport in Texas

Awning for Office building

Carports are a necessity in Texas

GEEZ, it’s hot out there. Seriously, this summer I’ve had dreams that I’ve walked outside to a snowy wonderland, only to wake up at 7 A.M. to the rattling sound of my window A/C unit, sweaty and stuck to my leather couch.

One of the worst parts about this […]

Handrails and Pool Fence for Contractors or Homeowners


Over the last 50 years, we have worked with a number of the local pool companies in town that need rails, handrails and fences for the pools that they are building, repairing or installing.

But we don’t just give the end customer a simple handrail – we will custom design a handrail to meet the […]

Steel Staircases For Apartment Complexes In Austin Can Be Made From Scratch Or Built To Your Liking

Exterior Commercial Metal Staircase Austin TX

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter if you are a small building owner – i.e. a 4 plex in Texas, a large 5 story, 200 + unit apartment complex, or even a small house with a staircase in need of repair. The facts remain the same: safety and structural integrity of your staircase is a top priority!


New Client Project - Spiral Staircase in Lago Vista Texas!

Spiral Staircase Austin TX 4

We routinely get phone calls from luxury home builders, residential home owners and commercial developers for all types of steel staircases. One of the types which we have specialized in for over 50 years are our Spiral Staircases…

As mentioned, we fabricate and construct these Spiral Staicases routinely…see below for a recent job completed in […]

Truss Plates, Base Plates, Embed Plates and Other Specialty Plates

Embed plate for Spanish Oaks Subdivision in Austin TX

Gonzales Iron Works is committed to providing our clients what they need – and when they need it!

A large luxury homebuilder came to us regarding a home that they were constructing in the Spanish Oaks of Austin, Texas. They needed an EXACT and very specific style of embed plate (concrete bracket- a large one) […]