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Example of an interior handrail Gonzales Iron Works Recently Manufactured & Installed

Interior Handrail for Austin TX

Guard rails in buildings are numerous, and are required by building codes in many circumstances. Homeowners and builders are demanding top of the line service, quality and design.

Handrails along stairways are common, and catwalks and balconies are also lined with them. Wrought iron is a choice that is traditional and sturdy.

Gonzales Iron Works provides homebuilders and others with top quality handrail design, manufacturing and installation.

The distance between the wall and handrail gripping surface is also governed by local code with the most common requirement being 1½” (38 mm) minimum.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) requires that the distance between the wall and guard rail be a minimum of 2¼” (57 mm)..