Air-Conditioning Security Cages

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Air-Conditioning Security Cage

Copper is a highly valuable commodity to thieves, and this type of crime is on the rise throughout Austin and elsewhere. Why? Metals like copper found in Air-Conditioning systems and elsewhere are valuable!

Thieves are taking metals wherever they can get them, and are doing so at an alarming rate…throughout the country. There are so many places that are being targeted, such as businesses, schools and homes in high rent districts of Austin TX as well as low rent districts of Detroit Michigan. The reason? Copper! It’s an easy money making scheme for thieves, but can be a big financial hit for you and/or your business.

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We came up with this product due to personal circumstance. One of our business partners had recently purchased a small apartment complex that was, for the most part, a dead asset. The thing sat empty while the crews fixed it up too make it habitable. Finally, it was ready to go and so the final items were the AC units. Literally 1 day after installation – ALL OF THE OUTSIDE UNITS HAD BEEN TORN TO SHREDS and the copper taken from them! No kidding. Naturally, the insurance companies are not going to pay for this, so on the second round of installs, we decided to be intelligent and create an Air conditioning security cage for all of the units. They actually look quite nice! ( although we did not paint them or do anything special to the metal so they have oxidized a bit and are somewhat rusty….maybe not a bad idea too keep the low-lifes away)


We are now Central Texas’ largest manufacturer and installer of generic and custom SECURITY CAGES. When we say custom, we mean that anything you have of value – whether you are a bar owner with an ATM machine that needs a security cage (haven’t you seen some of those ATM security cages on 6th street in downtown Austin?) a governmental office that needs a security cage around a water spout (take a look around town lake) or even if it not necessarily a security cage, but just a regular old cage….i.e. dog cage / crate etc. We can fabricate one to your specifications.

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Air-conditioning security cage

 These popular cages can be custom made and installed to fit around your particular cooling system. The security cages have a protective case that surrounds the air conditioning unit, so thieves can’t get access to it. The security cages are made of high quality durable metal, such as steel and are secured to the ground or building by bolts or to the pad ( concrete). You many not think this is a necessary expense, but trust me, you will wind up saving yourself THOUSANDS simply by spending a few hundred now. It is a VERRY SMART INVESTMENT especially during tough economic times.